Assorted Chocolate Biscuits 32 pcs


Crisp, buttery, and full of unmistakable Godiva chocolate richness, our chocolate biscuit assortment is filled with pieces inspired by our most iconic chocolates.

Our assorted chocolate biscuits are inspired by some of our most iconic chocolate case pieces. The beautiful box with elegant gold design contains:

Lady Godiva Lait with Milk Chocolate
Our Iconic Lady Godiva Biscuit with Dark Chocolate
Lady Godiva Noir with Vanilla Ganache
Coeur Noir with Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Ganache
Coeur Lait with Hazelnut Praline
Écusson Lait with Milk Chocolate Caramel

Pair this chocolate biscuit assortment with our rich Godiva Coffee or velvety smooth Hot Cocoa.

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